(SNCA 2012) Palmer Memorial Institute

This poster was presented with Ms. Nikeshia Womack, JD at the 2012 Society of North Carolina Archivists Convention.


Dr. Brown & PMI
Charlotte Eugenia Hawkins Papers, 1883-1961. Wilmington, Del.: Scholarly Resources, 1999.

Brown, Charlotte Hawkins. The Correct Thing to Do, to Say, to Wear. Sedalia: the author, 1940.

Wadelington, Charles Weldon. Charlotte Hawkins Brown & Palmer Memorial Institue: What One Young African American Woman Could Do. Chapel Hill: UNC Press, 1999.

Silcox-Jarrett, Diane. Charlotte Hawkins Brown: One Woman’s Dream. Winston-Salem: Bandit Books, 1995.

Marteena, Constance Hill. The Lengthening Shadow of a Woman: a Biography of Charlotte Hawkins Brown. Hicksville, NY: Exposition, 1977.

The Charlotte Hawkins Brown Museum



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