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#VTDITC #1: DJing & Fair Use

This Thursday (2/16)!


Eric from the Flowmigos

12 o’clock tip

Hey Mr. DJ


What’s new?

Lots of things. It was a hectic – but good – semester. 50 sessions later, I’m ready for the break. 

A few things I’m eager for in the spring:

  • Co-chairing my institution’s Martin Luther King, Jr. commemorative programming this year. We have ~215 volunteers for our day of service and Dr. Angela Davis is our keynote speaker. !!!
  • Kwame Harrison, Ali Colleen Neff, and the kid are presenting at Virginia Tech’s Conference on Higher Education Pedagogy again this year. You can get a sneak peak at our session here if you’re so inclined.
  • The RU DJ Club (we really need a better name…any ideas? I’m maybe showing my age but I’m hoping it ends in “Crew”) is taking off. All the paperwork is officially official and we’re planning a DJ battle (food trucks too or nah?) for April. 
  • Writing…(hopefully) lots of writing.
  • Teaching…I love teaching. And learning. Learning is the best. 

Plans for the rest of the summer…

1.) Split Crates Radio on WUVT 90.7fm.

Every Tuesday from 6pm-9pm. You can listen online at MC Salty Brown is the co-host and I’m the DJ.

For the past month or so, we’ve been traveling to a different locale each week. Tonight we’ll be in Canada. We’ll also be traveling back in time to the pre-Aubrey Graham Canada raps era. Will this be the most polite edition of Split Crates Radio ever? There’s only one way to find out. 

2.) WRITE! So many interesting projects, only so much summer. 

3.) Spend quality time with my Ensoniq ASR-10

The next two weeks…

– 2 radio shows (this week MC Mad Squirrel and I are playing nothing but certified Virginia bangers on Split Crates Radio; – Tuesdays 6-9pm)

– 2 professional presentations (both on the same day at the same conference –

– DJing one wedding reception (they want classic funk and soul! no Chicken Dance!)

“Can You Kick It?” Bringing Hip Hop Pedagogy to the Library Classroom…

Here are the slides from my presentation at The Innovative Library Classroom (TILC for short) last week (5/12 to be exact). I received a grip of great feedback and look forward to remixing this presentation with my colleague Alyssa Archer at the Metrolina Library Association’s 10th Annual Conference next month (6/11) in Charlotte, NC. Sidenote: I’m beyond geeked that my grad school advisor, the legendary Dr. J.V. Carmichael, is giving the keynote at Metrolina this year.

Any and all feedback is appreciated!