Give Me a Break = Huge Success

Virginia Tech’s first bboy/bgirl/bperson jam was a huge success. Even VT’s official Twitter account gave us a little love: https://twitter.com/virginia_tech/status/843263886660788224

Big shouts out to VT’s own Flowmigos! Especially Crew President Eric for pulling it all together. All 16 crews came with it…congrats to SMERC for taking home the $600 1st place purse. 

Give Me A Break - 3-18-17 - Breakdance Competition


What’s new?

Lots of things. It was a hectic – but good – semester. 50 sessions later, I’m ready for the break. 

A few things I’m eager for in the spring:

  • Co-chairing my institution’s Martin Luther King, Jr. commemorative programming this year. We have ~215 volunteers for our day of service and Dr. Angela Davis is our keynote speaker. !!!
  • Kwame Harrison, Ali Colleen Neff, and the kid are presenting at Virginia Tech’s Conference on Higher Education Pedagogy again this year. You can get a sneak peak at our session here if you’re so inclined.
  • The RU DJ Club (we really need a better name…any ideas? I’m maybe showing my age but I’m hoping it ends in “Crew”) is taking off. All the paperwork is officially official and we’re planning a DJ battle (food trucks too or nah?) for April. 
  • Writing…(hopefully) lots of writing.
  • Teaching…I love teaching. And learning. Learning is the best.