The Importance of Instructional Literacy

Designer Librarian

What is instructional literacy?

When I set out to write this post, I had no idea if the term had ever been used formally. So I googled it out of curiosity. And to my surprise, an article from American Libraries popped up, titled Build Your Own Instructional Literacy by Char Booth (April 30, 2010). My first thought: leave it to a librarian to come up with this kind of terminology. My second thought: great minds think alike!

Booth developed a four-part instructional literacy framework as follows (and taken directly from the article):

Reflective practice is the process of understanding and shaping your skills and abilities throughout the entire process, not just assessing your performance at the end of an interaction. Metacognition is the internal element of reflection, while collaboration is its external element.

Educational theory is evidence-based insight into teaching and learning, which consists of learning theory (how people synthesize…

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